Fundación Carlos Slim

The Carlos Slim Foundation was created in 1986 for the purpose of carrying out high-impact programs focusing on the most vulnerable population of Latin America. With that vision it has benefitted millions of persons in the region. With a high sense of social responsibility, efficiency and opportunity, the Foundation develops programs in education, health, sports, the environment, culture, human development, employment, economic development, migration, and humanitarian assistance, all of which contribute to an improvement of the quality of life of the population.

The focus on solving the social gaps is the same as in corporate activity: first identify the problem and then find solutions, and second, mobilize the necessary resources to solve it. This focus differs from the traditional model, which first provides the resources and then decides how to use them. Present-day society thrives on the wellbeing of the population and that is why the best investment is to combat poverty with actions that favor the access to education and employment, both of which are necessary in order to achieve that wellbeing.

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