Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso is one of the largest, diversified and most important conglomerates of Latin America.

The Group has an important presence in the Mexican economy, in which it maintains its standing as one of the principal market leaders, based on an exceptional portfolio of formats, products and services.

Since its foundation 41 years ago, Grupo Carso has distinguished itself by its dynamism, innovation in processes and technologies and by its sustainable management of resources.

Operational synergies, profitability and constant cash flows have been generated within all the sectors, resulting in the long- term creation of value for the Group’s shareholders.

Grupo Galas, S.A. was incorporated
years of quoting in the MSE
million pesos channeled to the “Mexico Unido” for repairs of the 2018 earthquake
Liters of water saved in 2018
Employees in its subsidiaries
million beneficiaries of the Carlos Slim Foundation
million pesos in revenues in 2019
Digital Carso and Telmex scholarships to employees
2,051 Tons of CO2
Emissions eliminated in Condumex and CICSA
Collaborators and their families benefitted by the Social Wellbeing Program in 2019


The Group is conformed of four sectors, which have been defined as strategic: Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure and Construction, and Energy.






Building through innovation
From 1980 until today, Grupo Carso has continued to consolidate its business portfolio around the four sectors that have been defined as strategic.
Our History
Grupo Carso has been constantly active in the modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and continuous improvement of its Principles and Values.
Principles and Values
Data protection policy
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