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Grupo Carso complements its offer of added value and the potential for growth to its shareholders by endeavoring to satisfy its clients in all its divisions, securing its market position and maintaining a solid financial structure.

Grupo Sanborns has as its priority the satisfaction of its customers and maintaining its clientele of young consumers by stocking an adequate selection of products, the image of its stores and the quality of its service. We continue to develop our own brands and we have initiated the optimization of spaces based on the sales in the Sears and Sanborns stores, in which we have introduced the integrated concept of a restaurant in the department store. The multi-channel strategy is being complemented with the development of the marketplace in ClaroShop, to increase the volume of online products and services. We are also seeking to optimize the management of inventories by improving in the Distribution Centers and logistics systems, reducing delivery expenses and generating synergies between all our formats.

The strategy of Condumex contemplates the consolidation of the market position of its three divisions: Telecommunications, Construction and Automotive products. We expect to grow along with the economy and continue to provide leading technology products such as our energy cables, power transformers and turnkey projects.  In the automotive sector we expect to increase the selection of parts to the national and international market through our commercial partnership with APTIV (formerly Delphi), which has, in recent years, acknowledged our commitment to quality, value and our cost performance.

Carso Infraestructura y Construccion has as its objective the continued participation in the fixed investment bidding projects in strategic sectors such as water, construction, hydrocarbons, industrial infrastructure and telecommunications, both in Mexico as well as in the rest of Latin America, the latter in association with FCC Construcción, S.A. de C.V.

The strategy of Carso Energy is to continue to seek opportunities to participate in petroleum, natural gas and alternative sources of energy, taking advantage of the business ventures deriving from the energy sector reforms.

The wide experience of its infrastructure, construction and energy divisions in the design and execution of large-scale works and projects have turned Grupo Carso into a corporation that can operate at the greatest speed and efficiency possible with leading edge technology and the highest standards of quality, to thereby ensure cost-effective results in large-scale works and projects, with an important and beneficial impact, both social as well as economic in the communities in which the works are executed, while observing the guidelines to produce the least environmental impact, in accordance with the policy of environmental protection.

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