Principles and Values

  1. Simple structures; organizations with a minimum of hierarchical levels; human development and an internal formation of executive functions. Flexibility and swiftness in the adoption of decisions. Operating with the advantages of small enterprises, which is what turns small enterprises into great enterprises.
  2. Maintaining austerity during times of prosperity fortifies, capitalizes and accelerates the company’s development, while avoiding the drastic and bitter adjustments during lean times.
  3. To be always active in the modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and constant improvement of the productive processes; increasing productivity and competitiveness; reducing expenses and costs by adhering to the highest international standards.
  4. The Company must never limit itself to the measure of a petty owner or administrator. We must think big within our small corral, while limiting our investments in non-productive assets.
  5. By working in a united manner, with a clear view of the objectives and a full knowledge of the tools at hand,  there is no challenge we cannot meet.
  6. Money that leaves the Company will evaporate. That is why we reinvest our profits.
  7. The Company’s creativity is not only applicable to our businesses, but also to the solution of many of Latin America’s problems. We do that through the Groups' Foundations.
  8. A firm and patient optimism will always bear fruit.
  9. All times are good for those who know how to work and have the means to carry it out.
  10. Our premise is, and always has been, to keep in mind that we leave with nothing; that we can only do things in life, and that an entrepreneur is only the temporary administrator of the riches he creates.

Company Life and Culture


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