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Grupo Carso, aware of the prevention and environmental improvement, has established as an integral part in the development of its projects and services, a philosophy of continuous improvement, and the development of a circular economy, under the principle of a system of resource utilization, which emphasizes reduction, reuse and recycling of the resource.
Under this approach, Grupo Carso has developed its Environmental Policy, which is the frame of reference for the development of the following strategic lines.
• Compliance with the Legislation,
• Saving water and energy,
• Responsible consumption,
• Reduction, reuse and recycling of materials,
• Development and implementation of ecological technologies,
• Awareness of employees, suppliers and customers

The implementation of each of the strategic lines in the development of the productive activities propitiate the conditions to generate sustainable projects, in which the joint work with the authorities is promoted, to reduce environmental risks and the improvement of the environment and communities in which the projects and services are developed.

The backbone of the Group is supported by its staff, which is trained and strengthened with the principles for generating a circular and sustainable economy that will allow them to improve their surroundings, from an environmental, social and economic point of view.




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Sustainable Carso Vision:
Implement environmental policies that allow legal compliance, reduce the consumption of natural resources, reuse and recycle as much as possible the natural resources involved in the production / service processes that allow the generation of a circular economy.

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