Grupo Sanborns

Grupo Sanborns is a Mexican company and a leader in retail sales, operating in multiple formats in every state of Mexico.

It has more than 549 thousand active SKUs, including electronic items, household items, furniture, clothing, pharmaceutical products, health and beauty products, books, videos, music, Apple brand products, toys, sports items, cell phones, and various technology products, among other merchandise. Additionally, it offers traditional Mexican food in its network of restaurants.

On December 31 of 2018 there were 170 Sanborns establishments with restaurant and store operations, 22 Sanborns Cafés, 48 MixUp music stores, 74 iShop stores, 98 Sears Department stores, 2 boutiques, 25 Dax stores, 2 Saks Fifth Avenue stores, and 2 shopping centers.

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$51.7 MM
million in annual sales in 2018

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