Company Debt

Bond Certificate

On March 16 of 2018, Grupo Carso carried out a stock certificates issue (GCARSO 18) in the amount of $3 billion pesos, paying interest every 28 days at a variable TIIE rate of 28 days plus a margin of 0.23 percentage points. On March 13, 2020 a second issue of $3.5 billion pesos was carried out under the same program, paying interes every 28 days at a variable TIIE rate of 28 days plus a margin of 0.20 percentage points, both with maturities of 3 years.

Credit Ratings

HR Ratings and Fitch Ratings ratified a Stable Perspective for Grupo Carso, based on the expected levels of debt service coverage and years of payment for the 2019-2021 period, which would come from stable free cash flow and a healthy debt profile without short-term pressures, diversification of the business portfolio, a good market position in the various sectors in which it operates, and a consistent solidity in its credit profile.
Rating Agency Scale Rating Date
Fitch Ratings Long Term National (LP)

Short Term National (CP)

CerBur LP Issue, called GCARSO 18

CerBur LP Issue, calle GCARSO 20

Dual CerBur Program, CP Portion






March 2020
HR Ratings Grupo Carso LP

Grupo Carso CP

Dual CP Program








March 2020
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