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Carso Energy is the subsidiary that participates in petroleum industry activities, such as the exploration, discovery, production, exploitation, refining, transportation, purchasing and marketing of all types of hydrocarbons and minerals, the transportation of natural gas, and in the exploration for, and production and exploitation of geothermal energy. At this time it is participating in the Waha-Presidio and Waha-San Elizario gas pipelines in the State of Texas, USA, which are performing transmission services for the Federal Electricity Commission. The construction of the Samalayuca-Sásabe gas pipeline between the States of Chihuahua and Sonora continues. Carso Energy has ongoing petroleum operations in the Llanos Orientales of Colombia and exploration operations in Veracruz, Mexico, as well as geothermal exploration and exploitation operations in Celaya and Mexicali. Carso Energy is actively engaged in investments in gas pipelines, and in geothermal and petroleum projects, among other activities.

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Reorganization of its energy activities
billion cubic feet transmission capacity of its gas pipelines
$1,596 MM
billion pro forma pesos in 2018
million USD of planned investments

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