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The Queretaro Technical Center unit (CTQ) of the CARSO Research and Development Center (CIDEC) is a joint venture of Grupo Condumex and APTIV, one of the largest manufacturers of auto parts on a worldwide level.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the design of automotive harnesses, and more than 10 years in the development of software and tests for embedded automotive systems.

At this time, the CTQ has more than 300 engineers and it fundamentally provides engineering services to APTIV Electronics and Safety, as well as to the Grupo Condumex harness production plants.

CIDEC contributes to the achievement of the objectives of profitability, growth and consolidation of our client and shareholder base through the design of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems.


The Carso Research and Development Center (CIDEC) is a dependency of Servicios Condumex, S. A. de C. V. and its two principal facilities are located in the State of Queretaro. These facilities are the research and development unit, with 112 persons, and the engineering and design unit, with 343 persons. The CIDEC projects are scientific, technological and industrial in nature, and oriented towards an improvement in the productivity of the Group’s companies through an integral management system in regard to quality, the environment, the security of data, and energy efficiency.
The objective of the principal projects is a reduction in the cost of raw materials and the development of new materials (all types of energy cables, communications, automotive items and electronic devices), a greater efficiency in processes through the design of software, information equipment, automation and automotive mobility, and finally, the conservation of the ecology and the environment by researching the efficient use of energy, alternative sources of energy, and a reduction of wastes and contaminating residues.

The projects being developed by the CIDEC arise from requirements of Grupo Carso’s commercial departments and manufacturing plants.

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