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In the daily action, the work has meaning and purpose according to the identity reflected in the principles of action of Grupo Carso. The company operates according to its constitution, strategies, structures and administration system. The Group has a strong culture of results aimed at productivity, profitability and competitiveness always guided by the highest global references. We are a company with a seal of ethical organization, we believe in order and people and we enhance legal compliance and company policies. We believe that united and organized work has its fruits in its harmonization, clear objectives and effective direction.

In the nature and scope of work relationships, we respect the dignity of the person and all his rights first; we look for an honest job and that the virtue of honesty is characteristic of people at all levels of the organization. Our Code of Ethics and Policies are aligned with the recommendations of the ILO, and the Federal Labor Law regarding decent work.

The remuneration for work is established through a valuation system to reflect the impact that each position has on the results of the organization and thus achieve internal equity. Remuneration is established in accordance with the market, performance and laws of each country.

The Recruitment and Selection Policy has the criteria and technical supports that allow for equal opportunities and discourage any favoritism or corruption.

The purchasing and supply areas have procedures to favor equal opportunities in their suppliers and thus discourage bad practices.

We understand Social Responsibility as the commitment to the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders, interest in our employees and the community in general, compliance with laws in all places where we operate, respect for human rights, and respect for dignity. We follow a strict ethical regulation and a long-term vision that seeks economic, social development and environmental care, as a fundamental part of our competitiveness.

Grupo Carso provides sustainable integral solutions, in a collaborative environment, as a business facilitator for companies.

We consolidate sustainable development with actions that favor progress and the circular economy, with the commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle in a rational and efficient way the natural resources necessary for the activities carried out in the various economic sectors where companies have direct reach. This is carried out through programs and initiatives that seek to improve and involve the value chain.

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