The ASUME program (Association for the Improvement of Mexico) began in Mexico in 1980 and is directed towards all persons who wish to improve themselves, developing the values necessary to become responsible, happy men and women, committed to their own wellbeing, to their families, their work and their country. The program consists of 26 themes that fortify and promote self-esteem, the improvement of life and of the person, the urge for continuous improvement, the development of a capacity for criticism and a balanced way of thinking. To learn more about the philosophy and the objectives of the program go to

Grupo Carso maintains personal development programs with ASUME, and in 2019 it had 296 groups with 3,477 collaborator graduates and more than 259 collaborators enabled as instructors.


Year Trained Groups Employee Graduates Variation%
2017 173 2,582
2018 303 3,384 31.0%
2019 296 3,477 2.7%


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