Auxiliary Committees

Committee of Company Practices and Auditing for 2019, composed of the following titular directors:

Mr. José Kuri Harfush, President, 

Mr. Rafael Moisés Kalach Mizrahi

Mr. Antonio Cosío Ariño

The chairman of the Practices and Auditing Committee of the Company is a financial expert, as defined in the General Provisions applicable to brokerage firms and other stock market participants and related entities. The said committee assists the Board of Directors in its monitoring of the management, handling and execution of the company’s business affairs and of the juridical persons it controls. It also performs the following financial and planning functions:

  1. Evaluating the Company’s investment policies and, when applicable, offering suggestions in regard to the investment proposals made by the Board of Directors, for their subsequent submission to the Board for approval.
  2. Evaluating the Company’s financing policies (capital or debt) proposed by the Board of Directors and, when applicable, offering suggestions for their subsequent submission to the Board for approval.
  3. Intervening in the presentation to the Board of Directors of an evaluation on the viability of the Company’s principal investments and financial transactions, in accordance with the Company’s established policies.
  4. Evaluating, and suggesting, if applicable, the general guidelines for the determination of the Company’s strategic planning, and assisting the Board in its study of the coherence of the financial projection with the said strategic planning, investment and financing policies.
  5. Offering its opinion on the premises of the annual budget and proposing it to the Board for its approval
  6. Following up on the application of the budget and the strategic plan.
  7. Identifying the risk factors to which the Company is vulnerable and evaluating the policies for their administration.
  8. Performing any other function assigned to it by the Company’s Board of Directors.
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