GRUPO CARSO informs anyone interested in used cars, fleets and machinery, that the sale is carried out exclusively through the procedures contained in the official website  The company denies any offer or transaction made using information contained on webpages or advertising different from the indicated.


• For your own security please verify the internet address before accessing the site,

• If you have any questions dial the phone number 55 5424-8490, or contact us at AL CLIENTE


The foregoing is reported since the content of some internet sites dedicated to the sale of used cars and construction machinery pose as GRUPO CARSO, improperly requesting individuals money deposits from bank accounts as layaway, without ever delivering the vehicle. This webpages are ILLEGAL and are not authorized by GRUPO CARSO. Those responsable for them are committing illegal acts with the intention of defrauding consumers, who should be alert to avoid other similar schemes of deception.

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