The Carlos Slim Foundation delivers rebuilt school with resources from the Mexico United Fund

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Carlos Slim Foundation delivered the totally rebuilt and remodeled “María Curie Sklodowska Primary School,” to the benefit of its students and teaching staff. The school was severely damaged by the earthquake that struck Mexico City in 2017.

With resources provided by the Mexico United Fund, 221 schools have been repaired and 24 have been rebuilt, for a total of 245. Among the schools that were rebuilt, the Carlos Slim Foundation has delivered three in Toluca, Morelos and one in Mexico City, up to this date.

In the case of the “María Curie Sklodowska Primary School,” located in the Municipality of Benito Juarez, a construction work of 2,145 square meters was involved. The rebuilt school consists of 17 class rooms, a multiple-use salon, a library, music salon, computer room, expanded and improved bathrooms, a yard for civic and sports activities, and administrative spaces.

The “María Curie Sklodowska School”, which was damaged by the 2017 earthquakes is attended by 350 students.

Also through the Carlos Slim Foundation, Samsung made a donation of 37 tablets and five monitors for the school.

In the name of the Carlos Slim Foundation, Alfonso Salem Slim, commented: “Our support efforts in the reconstruction and our commitment to the more than 217 donors who contributed to the Carlos Slim Foundation will continue.”

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